Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Friday Poem.

This is the third and final “Poem Challenge”, and I have really enjoyed this whole idea, and it is good to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then, because how else can we as people know just how far we can go?. Although this is the last Poem Challenge, I have always said that I would be happy to take suggestions as to what I should write about, so if you would like me to write a poem about…….anything, then just get in touch using the contact from on the ‘About Me’ page of this blog.

I hope that all of the people who suggested topics / subjects for me to write about were happy with the results – my Poems can only ever be my interpretation of the given theme, so by nature they will be different in someway from the idea of the poem,  that the person who suggested the theme had in their head.

But that is the beauty of life – everyone is different. Anyway, back to tonight’s poem;

A very lovely friend of mine – who knows me well – got in touch and suggested this as the subject for my poem:

” I think you ought to write a poem about the similarities between chameleons and their changing colours!”

Now, I LOVE  a chameleon – as does my friend – but that didn’t make this challenge any easier. If anything, it turned the difficulty up to ‘Max’ (whereas usually I like it set between ‘easy-peasy’ and ‘meh’). Nonetheless, like a renovated pub that is now more suited to basketball players than midgets, the bar had been set high – and I just had to live with it.

So, here is my offering in response to the challenge.

I hope you like it.















Oh Chameleon, how I long to be hypnotised

By your independently moving, cone-shaped eyes.

When you strike me with your stereoscopic gaze,

My soul lifts off and soars away.

I love your amazing zygodactylous feet –

Like tiny clamps, so cute and sweet.

To the branch they secure you with assured grip;

No hint of faltering; no chance of slip.

Your Prehensile tail beneath you

Like the spiral pendulum of a clock

Anchors me in wonder

Like a limpet to a rock.

Prehensile tail

The uniqueness of your species

Tells that Evolution took quite a leap

When deciding on how you should appear,

Because you are so very unique.

There are of course slight variations

Between your brothers where they abound;

Horns, and size predominantly

Are the ones that have been found.

Some might say you are almost mythical

In your individual appearance.

But I’m confident when I say

It will always seem to me

That you will never be the victim

of mistaken identity.


You are the master of multi-coloured wizardry,

The lord of pigment and hue

Changing the colour of your skin

So that your surroundings blend in with you.

Your skin is like a cloaking device

from some futuristic craft,

And you have transformed camouflage

Into a kind of divine art.

A living rainbow of dancing light

That truly does mesmerise

More beautiful than the northern lights

A kaleidoscope before the eyes.


You are a thing of beauty;

Moving with purpose and suavity.

Steadily, deliberate in every movement.

Harpooning with your tongue

The prey you target from afar.

Like a sniper with his gun –

Waiting, waiting for the right moment

Ever patient, ever focused, ever assured.

There is nothing I cannot like about you

And everything to adore.

You’re nothing like anything else I’ve known –

And yet you are so much more.


My thanks to Ami Jaruszek for the suggestion for this poem – I hope you like my interpretation of it.





























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