Good evening and welcome to this week’s Friday Poem.

This week’s offering came as a result of a direct result of a conversation I had a number of weeks back at the excellent Seventh Seal – the gentleman’s clothing retailer and barber shop where I get the best damned beard trim and shave I ever have received.

I was talking to one of the proprietors, Toby about my poetry writing, and he was trying to recall the name of a poet he liked. The Poet’s name was Archie something, and as soon as he had said “Archie”, I instantly said “Pelago” as a play on the word Archipelago – which is a large group or chain of islands. I have always thought that “Archie Pelago” would be a good name for a character in a novel.

Toby found my play on words amusing, and suggested that I write a poem about a character called Archie Pelago – and went on to suggest that he should have multiple personalities, just like an Archipelago has multiple islands.

So, here is what I came up with.




Archie Pelago is a nice enough boy;

He runs, and jumps, and plays with toys.

But while he is great at climbing trees

He does also have seven personalities.


Brian – that’s personality number six

Is eighty-four, and needs a stick.

His memory isn’t what it used to be –

But he loves a biscuit with his cup of tea.


Personality number three – now that’s young Kelly.

She’s once was an extra on the telly.

Given half the chance she’ll tell you tales

Of walking in the background in Emmerdale.


Number two is a salty dog called Davey

Who served his King in the merchant Navy.

The sea air has roughened up his voice

And some of Davey’s language can be choice.


The fourth persona of young Archie

Is the famous showman Liberace.

Perpetually performing one of his shows

Whilst bathed in sequins from head to toe.


June is personality number five

A weary and bored, down-trodden housewife

She keeps bottles of gin in a battered old trunk

And frequently makes an appearance drunk.


The seventh member of Archie’s psyche

Is a former Elvis look-a-likey.

Who perpetually does the voice it seems

Although his accent says he’s from Milton Keynes.


Archie himself completes the group

And seems quite contented with his troupe

But when he’s happy, what I find most beguiling

Is that I never know which of them is smiling…..



My thanks to Toby for the inspiration!

If you want to inspire me to write a poem on a subject of your chosing, just get in touch!



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