Good evening and welcome to my blog, and to this week’s Friday Poem.

I am an unashamed romantic at heart and every now and then I get the notion to write something romantic rather than funny for a poem. This week’s offering is one of those moments.

I hope you like it. If you do, feel free to tell people where you read it.


Here it is:



A Bluebird alighted on my heart

And sang  a song so sweet.

She told me of the joy I’d feel

When my one true love I’d meet.


I asked when love would come my way

And how I’d know for sure;

The Bluebird said, that day would come

When I heard her song no more.


The Bluebird visited every day,

And every day did sing.

As days turned into weeks and months,

She became a cherished thing.


I looked for love, and once or twice

Thought the real thing I’d found.

But still my Bluebird visited me

And made her beautiful sound.


And then one day, she came no more;

I knew then, she had left.

Sad that her song I’d no longer hear,

I was left alone, bereft.


And then I looked, and saw your face

As your love came shining through.

I realised then, she had sent you to me,

And my Bluebird’s words came true.




2 thoughts on “Friday Poem #39

  1. Pauline Cavie

    It’s a poem ballad, I pictured a medieval minstrel plucking the strings of a lyre accompanying you.
    I also feel this comes from your heard and am glad you hear that bluebird no more.
    Happy weekend!



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